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Staff at Queenscliff Kindergarten

At Queenscliff Kindergarten we are dedicated to the principles of early childhood development and in providing quality kindergarten programs for children prior to their formal school education.  With a passion for developing and brining out the best in children, our qualified teaching team are highly motivated,energetic, friendly and supportive. 

 Our Teaching Philosophy 


Our Kindergarten program is embedded with open ended, play based learning experiences that combine child-initiated, teacher directed and intentional teaching opportunities.

As a group of educators we value and promote each child’s sense of identity and wellbeing. We nurture confident and actively engaged learners within the kindergarten and the wider community. We encourage parents to work alongside the teachers as partners in their child’s learning.

 The Queenscliff kindergarten teaching team are committed to providing a high quality inclusive and welcoming kindergarten program that supports spontaneity, flexibility and fun.

As a group of educators we believe that learning is a lifelong process and that young children develop and learn through play and by interacting with people and the world around them.

We believe that it is vital for each child to have the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that actively engages, stimulates, nurtures and challenges each individual child.

Our professional teaching practice is embedded within the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) which underpins all the children’s learning experiences. The framework describes early childhood as a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

Through continuous reflective practice, collaboration and planning by children, families and staff we provide individual and group learning and experiences that are designed to nurture a love of learning that expands each child’s cognitive, social and emotional development.

We celebrate that our children are connected to their family, community, culture and place and we aim to provide and foster a diverse and nurturing environment which supports the values and attitudes of families through a mutual and shared celebration of culture and background.

We promote and support access and equity for all families, children and staff from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

We view the natural environment as a continual learning opportunity, and therefore we use our local surrounds, along with our own outdoor play space to encourage a love of nature in the children. Regular outings are common within our programs to enhance this love of nature, beach, and marine life.

Embracing the local community is important to us at Queenscliff Kindergarten. By building strong relationships and visiting the three local primary schools, along with the local library, post office, fire station and other community groups provides a true sense of belonging for the children to their community.

The five learning outcomes within the EYLF: Identity, Community, Communication, Identity and Wellbeing capture the complex and individual learning and development of each child. The outcomes are broad, observable and acknowledge that children have different ways and capabilities of learning.

We celebrate children’s learning and development through empowerment, risk taking; socially, emotionally and physically, warmth, respect, high expectations, reciprocal relationships, holistic approaches, connectedness to family and community involvement.

We adhere to the National Quality Framework- Early Years Learning Framework, The Children Services Regulations and Act in order to provide a high quality service to your child and your family.

Most of all at Queenscliff kindergarten we celebrate learning as FUN.  As a teaching group we welcome you to our kindergarten.      


Developed on the 18th of June 2013 by the current teachingteam

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Director/Teacher 3-4 Yellow Group

Bachelor Of Early Childhood Education

Bachelor of Business


Teacher 4-5 Blue Group

Bachelor of Primary Teaching/Bachelor of Arts

Graduate Certificate in Early Childhood Teaching


Teacher 4-5 Red Group 

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education 


Assistant Teachers



Assistant Teacher 4-5 Red Group

Diploma in Children's Services


Assistant Teacher 4-5 Blue Group  

3-4 Yellow Group

Certificate 3 in Children's Services



Other Dedicated Staff


Accounts Officer (Part Time)


Certificate 4 Financial Services


Kindergarten President

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Assistant Teacher 3 year old Yellow Group

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